The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home

The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home

Steaks are the most muscular parts of animal protein which include rib-eye steak, porterhouse, filet mignon, etc. Steaks usually contain bones and the meat is cut parallel to the fibers. They are quite nutritious and full of vitamins and fibers. These include vitamin b12, vitamin b3, vitamin b6, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, etc. Steak meat may include meat from fish, cow, buffalo, etc. Steak recipe is one of the most delicious recipes one can prepare.

You can pan-fry the steak, grill it, or simply consume it in the roasted form. You can also mince the meat and flavor it to prepare patties to be served as a party snack. Here is one delicious steak recipe that you can conveniently prepare at your home.

The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home
The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home

Steak Recipe Garlic Butter Steak

Garlic butter steak is one of the most popular steak recipes among the meat-consuming population. The specialty of the recipe is the subtle flavor of garlic and butter which beautifully imbibes in the protein. To prepare a garlic butter steak, we will need the following –


  1. Two-inch thick ribeye steak – one
  2. Salt, according to taste
  3. Pepper, according to taste
  4. Vegetable oil – three-tablespoon
  5. Butter – three tables
  6. Cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed – three
  7. Sprigs of fresh rosemary – two
  8. Sprigs of fresh thyme – two

Preparation For Steak Recipe – Garlic Butter Steak:

For making steak recipe garlic butter steak:

1. This recipe makes sure of the oven to be prepared so before everything else preheats your oven to 100℃.

2. Take a piece of steak, wash it and wipe it properly. Now, generously season the steak with salt and black pepper on all sides.

3. Bake the steak for about an hour till it reaches 51-degree Celcius.

4. Adjust the cooking time for the steak according to the toughness of the steak as preferred. Moreover, the cooking time will also depend on the type of steak that you have. For example, harder meat will take longer to cook as compared to softer meats.

The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home
The Most Delicious Steak Recipe To Prepare At Home

Other Preparation:

5. In a heavy-bottom pan heat the vegetable oil until smoking.

6. Sear the steak on one side for thirty seconds. Then, flip the meat and seat for another thirty seconds.

7. Now add the butter, garlic, thyme, and rosemary to the hot oil.

8. Baste the steak with butter and garlic.

9. Baste each side of the steak for about 15 to 30 seconds.

10. Turn the steak on its sides to render the excess fat on the sides.

11. Take out the steak from the pan and put it aside to rest for 10 minutes.

12. Slice the rested steak in ½ an inch slices or as preferred by you. Fan out the steak slices and garnish them with leftover cooking fat from the pan. Your garlic butter steak is ready to be served.

Steaks make up for one of the most popular and nutritious meats. The variety of dishes prepared using steak as a protein is also vast. It can be seasoned and flavored into different style cuisines. Moreover, minced steak can be served as a starter by filling minced steak into patties and then roasting it. While, when the steak is flavored and roasted it can be used as a main-course dish.

So the next time you are confused about what to serve at your home, undoubtedly steaks recipes are a wonderful dish to rely on.

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