List Of Cooking Tools For Your Kitchen

Cooking tools list

Setting up a kitchen may prove difficult, especially when determining which cooking tools are worth having. This is why we put together a cooking tools list. Kitchen tools may be classified as food preparing, food cooking, food serving or food storage tools.

Food Preparing Tools

Chef’s Knife

Different types of knives exist in the market. Out of them all, the chef’s knife proved the most versatile. When you have the chef’s knife, you may not need to get other types of knives. The chef’s knife serves your chopping, cutting, slicing and other basic cooking purposes.

Paring Knife

It pays to have a paring knife alongside a chef’s knife. It’s smaller size and shorter blade gives users more control especially for multiple layered cutting, slicing or chopping.

Bread Knife

Its serrated edges enable it to go through a loaf of bread without squashing it, unlike a typical flat knife.

When buying knives, ensure you buy the perfect knife set and they should be made of stainless steel to prevent quick rust.

Knife Sharpening Rod

Knives get blunt over time with continuous usage. The knife sharpening rod instills sharpness back into your knives.

Chopping Board

An ideal kitchen has different chopping boards for different types of food. Having different chopping boards prevents food materials coming in contact, thereby preventing cross contamination. Chopping boards may be made of wood or plastic according to the type of food you’re buying it for.

Make your decision with a cooking tools list
Make your decision with a cooking tools list

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are extremely useful in kitchen processes including cutting strips of meat or chopping vegetables. Preparing meals becomes easier with a pair of kitchen shears.

Vegetable Peeler

You can easily peel vegetable skin off with the vegetable peeler.

Garlic Press

Garlic press is useful in the kitchen to squeeze the juice out of garlic.


You can get small bits out of large food lumps with the grater. One with different surfaces allows better range of grating.

Kitchen Scales

With the kitchen scale, weighing food items becomes easier. It is especially important if you bake a lot.

Measuring Jug

You’ll need a measuring jug in the kitchen to measure liquid food items with ease.

Measuring Spoons And Cups

If you measure food items in quantity rather than weight, then you need to get measuring spoons and cups.

Mixing Bowl

The mixing bowl comes useful when you need to mix various ingredients together. Consider buying a large mixing bowl to allow space for thorough mixing.

Colander/Pasta Strainer

If you’re looking to drain boiled food items after cooking, then you need a pasta strainer. It is also useful to wash food items including vegetables.

Set up your kitchen with a cooking tools list
Set up your kitchen with a cooking tools list


The sieve is useful to filter finer particles off food items like rice before cooking. It is especially useful to declump flour..

Rolling Pin

Pastry cooking needs the rolling pin. It is used to flatten out the dough.

Can Opener

You’ll need a can opener to get at contents of cans without ring pulls or in the occasion of the ring snapping.


You get to decide if you need the smaller handheld type or the larger tabletop type of blender, based on your kitchen needs. A blender is useful to blend ingredients or food items together.

Food Cooking Tools

When cooking, you’ll need cooking tools like the frying pan, saucepan, ovenproof dish, stirring and slotted spoon, pot holder, food thermometer and others.

Food Serving & Storage Tools

Other kitchen tools used in serving and storage include the ladle, corkscrew, bottle opener, plastic containers, bread box and some others. You also need tea towels and kitchen tools organizer in your kitchen.


To get the best out of your kitchen, you need to get appropriate cooking tools, especially ones you use frequently when cooking, serving, or storing meals. This cooking tools list ease your decision-making when setting up your kitchen.

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