Best 10 Cooking Recipe Books

Cooking recipe books

There is a cookbook for every occasion. If you’re looking to cook a fast meal, rich breakfast, or even cook for a group, there’s a cooking recipe book for you. Below, we compile 10 of these cooking recipe books by renowned authors like Edd Kimber, Jamie Oliver and Ella Mills.

One Tin Bakes

Written by Edd Kimber, this recipe book is for the veteran baker short of time and space. It comprises varieties of delicious and simply-made one-dish bakes, with equally enticing photographs. Dishes made mention include Peanut Butter Brookies and many other easily-made dishes.

Super Sourdough: The Foolproof Guide To Making World-Class Bread At Home

Another masterclass by James Morton, this recipe teaches both veteran and amateur bakers. Explaining the science behind bread baking, Super Sourdough teaches how to make delicacies using flour, salt and water. You also get to know how to get the ideal crumb structure via optimal hydration, kneading, scoring, shaping and importantly, using the right flour type.

7 Days Of Sourdough

7 Days of Sourdough is another amazing book for avid bakers. This recipe book by Bread Ahead, a famous London Bakery, talks all methods of baking bread loaf including seven easily-understandable recipes. This book will teach you how to bake the ‘No Knead Sourdough’ and many others. Bakers will find this book extremely useful.

best cooking recipes books
best cooking recipe books

Good Housekeeping Express

If you’re looking to make food in a short period of time, then this recipe book is for you. Every meal included can be made in 30 mins or even less. Recipes are easy to understand and the book is detailed with photographs. You’ll have a different meal to make every busy day. Good Housekeeping Express is compiled by GH, therefore the recipes come tested and trusted. No more waiting for a 30 minutes food delivery when you can make yourself a healthy breakfast in that time or less.

A Table For Friends

If you’re looking to host and cook for a gathering of two to twenty, then you need to have this recipe book at hand. Written by the renowned food writer and Times columnist, Skye McAlpine, you will be able to successfully make delicious and show-stopping meals for the attendees. Recipes in this detailed and easy to understand book include ‘Stars’, ‘Sweets’ and many more.

A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures In Italy’s Piedmont, Maremma, And Le Marche

This recipe book was put together by Italians, therefore you can expect a host of ingenious, classic and rich recipes for Italian dishes.

Vegetable Kingdom: A Vegan Cookbook: Cooking The World Of Plant-Based Recipes

Author Bryant Johnson divulges the science behind making plant-based meals. Using vegetables, grains and legumes, this detailed recipe book teaches ways to make enticing meals. It comprises various vegan recipes to make delicious vegan meals.

Deliciously Ella: Quick & Easy Plant-Based Recipes

This vegan recipe book is another in the collection of author, Ella Mills. The recipe book contains easily-made vegan meals you can make for breakfast, make under 10 minutes and more. It is especially useful for vegans who are short of cooking time. Ella Mills includes recipes for meals like speedy pasta dishes and more.

10 cooking recipe books
10 cooking recipe books

5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy food

Jamie Oliver includes more than 130 easily made dishes in this recipe book. Each meal doesn’t take more than 5 ingredients to make. If you’re on a budget and short of time, this book is for you.

Table Manners: The Cookbook

Lennie and Jessie Ware, the hosts of Table Manners podcast, teamed up to produce this recipe book. They included some of their signature recipes including the Sausage and Bean Casserole and more.


No cook is an island of knowledge. This is why you need cooking recipe books to simplify and guide you through cooking each daily meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snack. Discussed are 10 amazing cooking recipe books.

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